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Bounce City will offer a unique, exhilarating, stress-free party environment where parents and their kids, families and friends can enjoy a fun, energetic and playful atmosphere.

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BC Nights (Teen Night)

The Hottest New Dance Venue For Teens! 

BC Nights is a new teen dance/night club located at 120 N Church St Downtown Salisbury, NC. We strive to give teens the best nightlife experience available in a fun yet safe way.  

Hours of Operations:

Friday Nights 9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


Bounce City, 120 North Church Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 

Phone: 704 310-5610  

Dress Code: 

BC Nights reserves the right to modify the dress code guidelines for any reasons. The following dress code is enforced:

Ø  No excessively baggy clothing of any kind. 

Ø  Baseball style caps only worn straight forward or straight backwards are allowed. All other headgear such as knit caps, bandannas, stocking caps, etc. of any kind may not be worn on premises.

Ø  No evidence of gang affiliation. 

Ø  Persons wearing torn or spoiled clothing will be admitted at the discretion of management. No hats, clothing, jewelry or visible tattoos with profanity or objectionable art. 

Ø  Sunglasses may not be worn in the premises. 

Ø  No over-sized chains or pendants. 

Ø  No OPEN CARRY of firearms permitted except by sworn law enforcement personnel.


Questions and Answer for Parents:

Q: How much does it cost to get into BC Nights? What is included in the price? 
A: The price of General admission is $6. Non-alcoholic beverages AND DRINKS will be available for purchase. 

Q: What time does BC Nights open? and what time does the party end? 
A: BC Nights opens at 9:00pm and closes at 12:00pm 

Q: What are the ages allowed at BC Nights? 
We currently allow an age range of 14-17 years of age inclusive. This creates a safer and more controlled environment.
Note: please make sure your child has the proper ID!

Q: Are parents allowed into BC Nights? 
A: Yes. parents are allowed in BC Nights. However, adults not accompanied by a child will not be allowed to enter. We encourage parents to enter between the hours 9pm & 10pm to observe the club, no parents allowed inside after 10pm! 

Q: How do I know the staff members and chaperones are safe? 
A: All Staff members of BC Nights have undergone training on-site, and have had complete criminal record checks completed prior to their hiring. 

Q: What type of supervision is there at BC Nights? 
A: BC Nights has a manager that oversees the operation and has uniformed chaperones / staff members plus an off duty police officers at all times. 

Q: Is there a curfew in Salisbury for teens under the age of 16? 
A: Yes there is a curfew, so any teen under the age of 16 will need to picked up by 11:45pm. 

Q: Will alcoholic beverages be served at any time? 
A: Absolutely not. Under no circumstances will alcoholic beverages be served or be present on the premises. If a teen arrives intoxicated, phone calls will be made to police and/or parents. They will not be allowed to enter BC Nights.

Q: Are drinks available at the BC Nights? 
A: Yes, drinks are available at BC Nights. Non alcoholic beverages such as bottled water, soda and Red Bull will be available for purchase. 

Q: Do you allow minors to smoke during your teen nights?
A: No. Smoking is simply prohibited.

Q: What kind of music do you play? Do you play music and music videos with dirty and/or sexually suggestive lyrics and content? 
A: BC Nights plays music and music videos that promote a generally positive atmosphere, i.e. Popular dance music, techno, hip-hop, rap, rock, line dances, and many more. We do not play music with profanity or music videos with nudity. The club plays identical versions of music and music videos that local radio and TV airs -- These are versions of radio and TV edits of today's hottest music.

To be clear however, not all parents agree with the American government's guidelines regarding radio and television. If you do not let your child listen to Top 40 radio stations or watch MTV and VH1, you may want to reconsider sending your child to BC Nights. 

Q: I've read articles concerning different problems that come up once in a while in Teen Clubs. How do you deal with new issues? 
A: BC Nights values its place within your neighborhood and strives to solve any problems that come to light. We do this through interaction with community groups, local police, concerned parents, and other Teen Clubs across the country. We read those same articles as you and attempt to correct any problems before they can occur. 

Q: Do you allow in/out privileges? 
A: No. Once you're in, you're in. Period. 

Q: Are there any other rules for BC Nights? 
A: Yes. 
No Drinking
No Smoking
No Use of Profane Language
No Making Out
No Lighters
No Cigarettes 

Q: What items are prohibited from BC Nights? 

A: Backpacks, Excessive Jewelry, Outside Food or Beverage, Glass, Chains of any kind, Cigarettes, Gum, Candy Tins, Marking Materials, Pins or Jewelry that could be a Weapon, Hair Spray, Mouth Wash Containers, Weapons (including pocket knives and/or pepper spray) Alcohol, Drugs, Vicks, Dust Masks, Balloons, Glow Sticks, Pacifiers, Bad Vibes 

Driving Directions:

Bounce City is located in Historical Downtown Salisbury, NC.  Only 1 block from (square) the corner of Main Street and Innes Street.